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Our booths provide the best technology and experience that we at Clear Choice Photo Booth have to offer. Our booths look great as both an open concept style or an enclosure. An open concept photo booth encourages a red carpet experience, whereas a photo booth enclosure provides seclusion while you have fun in front of the camera!

All of our photo booths are touch screen, which makes things easy for guests to walk through the photo booth experience. Photo strips are printed within 60 seconds, leaving time for guests to write in the scrapbook that is offered in our packages. The camera, printer, and lighting are all state of the art and always in working condition!

Our Vision

We offer the classic style traditional photo booth or the open concept style that has become really popular at a variety of events. Our photo booths are sleek, in pristine condition and easy to set up in crowded spaces. We offer social media stations as well, allowing guests to share their photos through email, Facebook, Instagram and more!


Ready to book an event? Have questions? Just wanna chat?

Whatever it is you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have a team that can walk you through the reservation process, answer any questions you may have and be a part of your wonderful event! We are here for all of your photo booth rental questions and concerns!

615-258-5525 Nashville, Tennessee Business Hours 8a–5p M-F