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Stand on a platform and let us work the magic with a camera attached to a rotating arm and slow motion. This 360 Video Booth gives a new meaning to a photo booth experience. Dance, pose, be creative! Our staff will ensure that you look good at every angle.  This service is great for custom creations, promo vids, and creating moments your guests won’t forget.

360 Video Booth - ITS ALL IN THE FX

An addition to your 360 video experience is digital effects. These effects can be as simple as slow motion, or as complex as jump cuts and color changes. Our team will take your experience to the next level with the addition of video FX.



In today's digital age, capturing and sharing moments has become an integral part of our lives. From social media posts to personal albums, photographs have the power to encapsulate memories and emotions, allowing us to relive special moments time and time again. While traditional photobooths have been a staple at events for years, a new trend has emerged that takes this concept to a whole new level - the professional 360 photobooth.

What is a Professional 360 Photobooth?

A professional 360 photobooth is an innovative take on the classic photobooth experience. Instead of capturing a single moment frozen in time, a 360 photobooth captures an entire scene in a fully immersive manner. Using a rotating arm, these booths can create a 360-degree image or video that showcases your guests from every angle.

The result is a dynamic and engaging visual that can be shared across various platforms, from social media to event websites, adding a new layer of interactivity and excitement to any event. Whether it's a corporate conference, a wedding reception, a trade show, or a birthday party, professional 360 photobooths offer a unique way to create lasting memories.

How Professional 360 Photobooths Work

Guests will typically stand on top of the platform back-to-back and face the exterior. As the camera swings around them, guests can pose, point at the camera and follow it around themselves. The camera typically goes around guests 5-6 times, and records the middle portion. The video is then transferred to our laptop and effects are applied to create the final video. The full process per guest usually takes 1-2 minutes and culminates in a video that can be emailed or texted to the user themselves. 

Our advanced setup allows for real-time processing, meaning participants can view the 360 visual almost immediately after it's captured, adding an element of surprise to the experience.

Why Choose a Professional 360 Photobooth?

  1. Engagement: 360 photobooths are a surefire way to engage event attendees. The immersive nature of the visuals encourages people to interact with the booth and share the resulting content on social media, effectively increasing the event's online presence.

  2. Novelty: While traditional photobooths are still popular, 360 photobooths offer a fresh and exciting twist. Attendees are more likely to remember an event that featured a cutting-edge experience.

  3. Branding and Marketing: For businesses, 360 photobooths provide an excellent opportunity for branding and marketing. Customizable props and overlays can incorporate logos and messages, effectively promoting the brand in a fun and memorable way.

  4. Memories in Motion: Traditional photos capture a single moment, but 360-degree visuals capture an entire scene. This allows participants to relive moments in a more immersive and detailed way, enhancing the nostalgic value of the experience.

  5. Versatility: Professional 360 photobooths can cater to various event types and sizes. From small intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate events, the technology is adaptable and can be customized to fit the occasion.

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