How Much To Rent A 360 Camera

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How Much To Rent A 360 Camera

By Clear Choice Photos / 15 November 2023 / Nashville Corporate Event Photo Booth

Renting a 360 camera makes sense for cost-effective exploration, specialized projects, and cost savings, especially if it’s going to be used occasionally. That’s because it eliminates the need for long-term ownership expenses. In this blog, we will talk you through the factors that influence the cost when you rent a 360 camera and why it might be a profitable investment for your upcoming party.

How Much Does it Cost To Rent A 360 Camera? 

The rental cost of 360-degree cam skills depends on different factors such as rental duration, camera model type, rental location, and extra accessories/services. The rental for a 360 camera can range from $50 to $200 or more with the average being $100. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 or more per day for renting a 360 camera. Other rental stores may offer an option of weekly or monthly rates which may be more economical if you need a device for a longer period. You should do a quick research to check local camera rental shops or online rental platforms to get specific pricing and availability based on what you need.

6 Factors Influencing Rental Costs

Here are the factors you should consider when you rent a 360 camera.

1. Camera Model and Brand

The brand and version of the 360 camera substantially impact rental costs. High-end models from famous brands may additionally include advanced features, better photo quality, and better abilities, but they also tend to be expensive to rent.

2. Resolution and Image Quality

The resolution and image quality of a 360 camera plays a vital role in determining its rental cost. Cameras that offer higher resolution and better image quality are often in greater demand and may come with a higher rental price tag.

3. Additional Features and Technology

When you rent a 360 camera, consider the additional features it offers. Some 360 cameras come equipped with advanced features such as live streaming capabilities, image stabilization, and enhanced low-light performance. Cameras with these additional features may command a higher rental price due to their increased functionality.

4. Accessories and Bundles

The image quality and accessories included in a 360 digital camera play an important position in figuring out its rental price. Photo booth rental bundles and packages that include extra batteries can reflect on the rental price and simultaneously increase the demand.

5. Rental Duration

The period for which you intend to rent the 360 camera plays an important role in determining the costs of getting a photo booth rental. Rental quotes may vary based totally on whether you need it for a few days, a week, or an extended length.

6. Peak Demand and Availability

Rental fees may fluctuate based on the demand for 360 cameras for the duration of specific occasions. High-demand intervals or limited availability of certain models may also result in increasing the photo booth rental charges.

Why Should You Rent A 360 Camera?

A 360-camera, also known as an omnidirectional camera, has a larger field of view. Unlike traditional cameras that capture a limited view, a 360 camera captures a whole lot of its surroundings. But why should you consider a 360 photo booth rental? Well, here are some things to know about it. Simply put, it creates more immersive content and is loved by people at a party! Whether it is for digital tours, immersive storytelling, or shooting dynamic occasions, the flexibility of 360 cameras makes them a must-have at every wedding, birthday, or party. The cost of 360 photo booth rental also depends on the located area and its availability as well. 

Why Renting a Photo Booth Makes Sense?

When you rent a 360 camera, it can be a value-powerful and practical preference, particularly if you have a selected project or event in mind. Here's why:

Exploration Before Commitment

Renting allows you to explore different 360 camera models and brands before making a purchase decision. It's an opportunity to test the waters and decide which digital camera quality suits your wishes without a long-term investment.

Specialized Projects

If you have a one-time project that requires the unique capabilities of a 360 camera, renting provides a cost-effective solution. Whether it's capturing a special event, creating virtual tours, or experimenting with immersive storytelling, renting gives you access to cutting-edge technology without the full investment.

Cost Savings for Occasional Use

If you don't foresee regular use of a 360 camera, renting eliminates the need for storage and maintenance charges associated with proudly owning the gears. You can simply rent when the need arises, saving money in the long run.

How much do people charge for the 360 photo?

The cost varies from vendor to vendor. However, it may be anywhere between $200 to $600 on average.

How much is a 360 camera?

It’s an expensive gadget to own. Prices will vary depending on the brand or model you buy. For example, Insta360 Pro 2 costs about $5000, and Titan costs about $15,270.


To sum it up, a 360-camera will be the life of your next party. From capturing your moments to creating fun and engaging content and everything in between, a 360-camera rental will be the talk of the town.So, go ahead, unlock your creativity, and capture the world in 360 degrees without spending a lot of money. When it comes to renting a 360 camera booth rental, you should choose none other than Nashville Photobooth. 

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