The Types of Photo Booths You Can Choose From

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The Types of Photo Booths You Can Choose From

By Clear Choice Photos / November 2021 / Nashville Corporate Event Photo Booth

Photography is an integral part of every event you organize today for a number of reasons like sharing them on social media and saving them as memories. These reasons have made taking pictures and selfies an unperishable norm in contemporary societies. Photo booth rental has also kicked in now, and event coverage companies offer this service at every event you hire them. There are various types of booths that are suitable for different kinds of events, and you choose the ones that suit you. In this blog, we have discussed five types of these stalls. So, read carefully to make an informed decision about choosing them. 

Types of Photo Booths for Every Event

It is known that every ceremony demands a different type of decor and theme, which means that the booth for photos or short videos should also be set accordingly. Among many of these, the most common and popular ones are listed below choose the best photo booth rental for your event.

Open-Air Booth

These booths are set up in a dedicated corner at the event, with different types of funny props and items to take pictures with. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work to create the background because the accessories bring fun and joy to photography in this booth. This is most suitable for weddings and birthday parties because of the fun it brings with those props. 

GIF Booth / Sharing Booth

One of the most important parts of this list is the GIF photo booth as these forms of graphic images have gained a lot of popularity lately. People have started using them to express themselves more effectively than emojis, and they prefer to make GIFs of themselves now as they offer better expression. These booths can be a fun and integral part of any party for families or bachelors. However, it has attracted the youth more than any other age group. This booth, along with others, keeps the guests constantly engaged in a party, even during the downtime.


These are some common and popular types of picture stations you can install at any party or ceremony. Several event coverage firms like Nashville Photo Booth offer these services. Get in touch with them at 615-258-5525 to discuss the details and hire them to add fun to your events. 

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