What Is The Average Cost Of Renting A 360 Photo Booth

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What Is The Average Cost Of Renting A 360 Photo Booth

By Clear Choice Photos / 29 January 2024 / Nashville Corporate Event Photo Booth

Modern photo booths are more than just the old-fashioned enclosed booths. Because they provide attendees with a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience, 360 photo booths have entirely changed the event photography market. Whether rented or bought, a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville can be a fun addition to any event, whether it's a wedding, a corporate gathering, a birthday bash, or something else. How much a 360 photo booth costs depends on several things, which we'll discuss in detail in this piece. 

What Affects The Price of A 360 Photo Booth In Nashville?

The price of a 360 photobooth rental in Nashville depends on several things, such as:

Features and Types

There are several varieties of 360 photo booth rentals in Nashville, each with its advantages. Things to know about a 360 photo booth rental include the fact that a more complex and high-tech exhibit will cost more. Standard versions usually take 360-degree images, while more expensive ones may have capabilities like video recording, sharing to social media, green screen effects, overlays, cold sparks, augmented reality upgrades, and video effects. Consider your event's specifications and any features you would like when determining prices for a 360 photo booth rental. However, the standard pricing range for 360 photo booths with additional packages is a few hundred dollars.

Rental Duration

Create an unforgettable event with a 360 Photo Booth in Nashville. The total cost of renting a 360 photo booth is directly proportional to how many hours you use it. Hourly rates are the standard method for determining rental prices. The idea is that the longer the rental time, the lower the per-hour charges. It is crucial to inform the rental provider about your event's schedule to identify the most cost-effective solution, whether you require the booth for a few hours or a whole day. The typical range for an hourly rental of a 360 booth is $200 to $500, with the exact amount dependent on your needs.

Customization and Branding

To make the 360 photo booth rental in Nashville fit the event's theme or brand, many event planners opt to personalize it. Custom branding components, props, overlays, and backdrops are all part of this. However, some rental companies may include confident customization choices in their packages; more complex or extensive customization could cost more. Talk to the rental provider about your customization demands to determine how much it will cost.

Additional Services

Some rental companies offer additional services in addition to the booth hire. Benefits of a 360 Photo Booth include expert event attendants, digital galleries, cold sparks, printing on-site, and post-event analytics, all of which could enhance your overall experience. While these optional extras can elevate your event, it's essential to note that they may also increase your final bill. Consider your event's needs and budget when determining if these supplementary services are worthwhile.

Cost Range — Rental and Purchase

A 360 photo booth in Nashville’s purchase price might vary widely based on the above variables. A simple 360 photo booth can be rented on an hourly basis. Premium versions with more features and customization choices can cost more, though. One might expect to pay anything for a top-of-the-line, fully-equipped 360 photo booth with all the bells and whistles. Remember that these are just ballpark figures; the actual costs can be much more or lower depending on where you live, the rates charged by individual vendors, the specifics of your event, and any extra services or customizations you choose.


We at Nashville Photo Booth Rentals know how fun and inexpensive a 360 photo booth can be, and we provide affordable rentals and sales to make your event one to remember. At an hourly rate, you can reserve our on-duty attendants, expert delivery, setup, and takedown, a 360 photo booth, themed props, LED lights, an endless supply of movies, personalized borders, and limitless sharing by text, email, and social media. No need to fret; we offer first-rate, professional, and easy-to-watch service, and we employ cutting-edge equipment to record footage of exceptional quality that you will adore. In addition to talking to a rental provider or vendor about your needs and considering the elements described in this article, you can discover a good alternative that fits your budget and event requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the typical price of a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville?

Several variables affect how much hiring a 360 photo booth in Nashville will cost. The length of time you have the booth for rent, the amenities it offers, how much room you have for personalization, and the reliability of the rental business are all factors to consider. Prices might also change during holidays or other times of intense demand.

Will there be any hidden costs when I book a 360 photo booth in Nashville?

Make sure you ask about any hidden fees related to the rental. Additional services, such as on-site attendants, setup and breakdown, customization choices, and travel costs, may incur additional charges from some businesses. You can better plan your finances if you know the whole pricing structure.

For 360 photo booths in Nashville, do various rental providers have different packages?

Rental agencies frequently provide a variety of packages, each with its amenities and services. Many packages may be available, from the most basic to more advanced premium alternatives. Ensure the 360 photo booth experience meets your expectations by comparing packages from different firms and considering your personal demands. This will help you locate the most value for your budget.


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