Providing Best Prom Experience with Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

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Providing Best Prom Experience with Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

By Clear Choice Photos / February 2022 / Nashville Photo Booth Birthdays and Parties

A photo booth rental in Nashville is a great way to keep the guests engaged throughout the entire event, and school prom is no exception. However, as the student expectations rise every year, the schools have to go above and beyond to make it an unforgettable experience. Therefore, it is important that they properly consider all the factors before hiring our services. The team of Nashville Photobooth has listed down some of the factors that schools must consider before getting a photo booth rental for the event.Without further ado, let’s begin.

Size of The Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

Most students like to socialize in school events, especially prom. From arriving together in big limos to getting together to enjoy the event, they surely want photo booths where they can capture the moments in a group. When calling to hire our photo booth, make sure to share the details on how many students are going to attend the prom so that we can recommend suitable options. The detail is important to share to ensure it can hold several people safely. A typical oval-shaped prom booth can cater to 6-8 students. However, if you want a bigger booth, get in touch with us to get more details.

Quality and Strength of the Booth 

The school events can get pretty craze as the students are extremely excited. It is, after all once, a lifetime experience for them, and they want to enjoy every moment. So, like the size, we also make sure to provide the booths made using the highest-quality durable materials to hold the excited youngsters. Many booths will be made using aluminum sections that are easy to carry around yet sturdy enough to pull off a successful event. Also, whether the prom will be held on school premises or a local hotel, we make sure our photo booth rentals are in compliance with the building’s fire safety requirements. 

Photo Booth Rental Includes Fun Props

Prom is all about dressing up and capturing fun memories. At Nashville Photobooth, we try to make it more fun by including fun props for the kids. Usually, the props included with our booths include feather boas’, masks, wigs, and hats.However, if you want to add other detailed props, we can make them for you as well. With our photobooths at your prom event, we ensure to maximize the fun for the students. 

Social Media Capability

It is not a surprise that students want to share the pictures on their social media as soon as they capture them. The students can share the pictures directly on their Facebook pages with added hashtags with our photobooths. Therefore, it is important to get a booth with the feature to host a successful prom. However, make sure the event premises have a strong internet connection, so the students don’t have trouble sharing their memories with their friends and loved ones. 

Photo Backdrops 

With all the hard work into organizing a successful prom, you want to make sure the pictures that your students capture allow them to save the memory in the best way. Working with us, we allow you to choose among different backgrounds – it may be one solid color or a digital print that kids can stand in front of. The decision of picking a background for a photo booth in Nashville isn’t that difficult since they can be easily customized based on the theme for the party. You can share the details with us, and we will come up with the best designs for you. We hope this guide has helped you get useful information that you need before hiring a photobooth for prom. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate and contact us.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a photobooth worth it?

People of all group ages enjoy a photo booth. It gives guests to capture the moments uniquely. Especially at prom, kids are looking for ways to make their event memorable. It will also make your event a success when they share memories over their social media platforms. 

Is a photo booth still a thing? 

For events like school prom, photo booths will never be out of style. It keeps the students engaged throughout the event and allows them to capture amazing memories.



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