Why Should You Go For A 360 Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

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Why Should You Go For A 360 Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

By Clear Choice Photos / January 2022 / Nashville Photo Booth Birthdays and Parties

Photo booths are a blast of nostalgia from the past that everyone loves. With development in recent times, the concept of photo booths has seen drastic changes when it comes to creativity and you are able to do what was once considered an impossible dream. We are talking about 360 photo booth rental in Nashville that you should definitely take a look at. A 360 booth is a video booth that captures footage at 120 frames per second which is incredibly fast, and covers a 360 degree view of you as the subject. Let’s talk about all the benefits of renting a 360 photo booth.

If you are looking to rent a photo booth for an event, we recommend you get the best service in Nashville and go with Nashville Photo Booth. With years of experience under their belt, coming up with creative ideas for booths, they can make your event a memorable one.With that said, let’s discuss it in further detail.

Perks of Getting a 360 Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

Finding good event photography in Nashville could be a determining factor in how your photos will turn out to be. So, do proper research before you decide which one to go with. Here is a list of benefits you get from a 360 photo booth:

An Engaging Experience For The Guests

The creative ways you can utilize the capabilities of a 360 camera rig makes the guests want to take part in it. You get a visually pleasing perspective of the entire room and you in the middle, something that is difficult to capture with a point-and-shoot camera. The 360 degree coverage also gives a sense of inclusivity to the guests which also serves as a plus. A great way to use a 360 camera is to create a hyper-lapse of yourself from all angles.

Keep The Interest Going

Event managers know how difficult it can be to keep the guests interested in the event and prevent them from walking out. A 360 photo booth allows the attendees to interact with their environment in a unique way. It serves as an invisible selfie stick which gives a very cool effect as the camera is levitating around you keeping the focus locked.

Ability to Share Content to Social Media Instantly

360 photo booths come with the feature to share your photos to social media instantly. Having them shared in a 360 format makes them that much more unique. Something you cannot recreate at home which makes you want to share it as soon as you get the chance. When the attendees share bits of the event from their social media rather than public learning about it from news sources, it always has a positive effect on the company’s credibility. People are able to connect with your brand and trust it better.

Cost Effective

If you want your guests to have an experience of a lifetime but don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional photographers, a 360 photo booth could be a great option. Not only can you get professional quality photos and videos but the perks of 360-degree video like gifs and overlays come with it. It keeps the guests happy and you satisfied.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should get a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville. It’s cost-effective and delivers a memorable experience. If you are willing to give it a try, we recommend going with the best in the game and hiring one from Nashville Photo Booth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and you’ll thank us later! With that said, let’s make this event an unforgettable one for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does a 360 photo booth need?

The minimum space you need to set up a 360 photo booth is 2500mm with a maximum of 4000mm. It is recommended to go with 4000mm to leave no chance of error during the shooting process and so the guests can interact with the camera freely.

How does a 360 photo booth work?

A 360 photo booth is a camera on a rig that revolves around you, capturing you from all angles. The arm that the camera is connected to spins, giving a dynamic effect to your video. The camera clicks pictures in quick bursts and can also record videos.

Who makes 360 photo booths?

There are a lot of companies you can find in your area that make 360 photo booths however Nashville Photo Booth is the most reliable among them by far


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