Affordable Spring/Summer Wedding Backdrops Photo Booth Rentals Offer 

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Affordable Spring/Summer Wedding Backdrops Photo Booth Rentals Offer 

By Clear Choice Photos / November 2021 / Wedding Photobooths

The biggest day of your life has to be memorable, and backdrops ensure it to a greater extent. This background is much more than just wallpapers and flowers. It determines the theme of the event, and it’s suggested that you hire professionals to set it up instead of doing it yourself. Photo booth rentals offer a range of backdrops for the site where you exchange vows to give your wedding a complete scenic touch. So, you better be proactive and get in touch with these professionals to benefit from their creativity and make your wedding venue decorated as you want it. This blog will highlight and discuss some of the affordable options for a ceremony in Spring or Summer. 

Backdrop Options Photo Booth Rentals Can Offer

All the options for wedding decor we’ll discuss in this blog are for an outdoor ceremony, which is why they’re best suited for an event in Spring or Summer because nothing shines better than natural lighting. Let’s talk about some of the affordable options you can have. 

Keep it Natural 

We believe that nothing beats the creativity offered by mother nature to produce a scenic view. A minimalist wedding photo booth rental company would indeed consider this when designing and creating the backdrop for your ceremony. A palm tree or a natural sight in the background can do the trick, but if you add some more greenery to the frame, it can make your day worth it. You can choose other trees that give an aesthetic view as well. 

Go Tropical 

How about an ocean in the background of your wedding stage? As event coverage professionals, we suggest you make use of nature again. This spring, we suggest you take to the beach and use the palm trees and the horizon, where the ocean meets the blue sky, as your wedding backdrop. There is nothing better than a soothing spring breeze enriching the venue on your big day. 

A Unique Doorway

Many event management professionals or photographers in this modern era suggest their clients choose wedding venues with unique architecture because they mostly have vintage doorways. A classical door won’t need much hard work to make it one of the best wedding backdrops because it is already scenic in its way. Just a few flowers will do it nicely. So, you better go vintage to keep it affordable. 

A Vintage Gazebo 

Vintage and historical sites rarely need any decor to create a scenic view for a special event. That is why any creative photo booth rental will suggest you go for a gazebo built with a classic and vintage design. Just a few pieces of cloth with contrasting colors will make this architecture worthy of being the best view for your wedding day. 


These are some of the most affordable wedding backdrop ideas a professional event management and coverage firm like Nashville Photo Booth will offer you. Get in touch with them to discuss your options and benefit from their creativity and services. 

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