Must Have Types Of Photo Booth Rental In Nashville For Your Big Day

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Must Have Types Of Photo Booth Rental In Nashville For Your Big Day

By Clear Choice Photos / 12 2022 / Nashville Corporate Event Photo Booth

Interested in Photo Booth Rental in Nashville for your big day? Let us tell you, there are a variety of photo booth rentals available but it does not matter which type you select as long as the memories you make with them are special.

But on your wedding day, you would want everything to be perfect. From the venue to the food to the dress, and even wedding photographs. Therefore, to help you create unforgettable memories on your wedding day, we have listed below some of the types of photo booth rentals in Nashville to must-have on your big day. 

We at Nashville photo booth are committed to making your events memorable with our wide variety of photo booths. Whether it is a Gif Photo booth, 360 photo booth, or DSLR photo booth, we have every type of photo booth available to us. If you’d like to check out our gallery, you must visit the link.

Which Photobooth Rental In Nashville To Have For Your Big Day? 

Not many people are aware of the different types of photo booth rentals available in the market. Hiring a photographer to get your wedding photographs is getting increasingly expensive over time. If you’re someone who is planning their wedding, this article is for you. We will discuss a few types of photo booths that you can have for your wedding day. 

Open Air Photo booth

Just as the name suggests, this photo booth does not have any walls to restrict the space. This means many people can take pictures together without having to bump into each other to fit into the frame. 

This frame not only allows you to take larger group photos together but it is more welcoming than the closed photo booths. You can select a backdrop in accordance with the theme of the event, in the case of weddings people usually opt for floral backdrops as it matches the theme and looks good as well. However, one problem that you may face when having an open-air event in Nashville is that there will be a lack of privacy. 

DSLR Photo booth

A DSLR Photo booth also referred to as a digital single-lens-reflex photo booth can help you take high-quality and special photographs of your weddings. This photo booth is especially known to capture high-quality pictures in a row without any time lag in between. On your wedding day, you shall have this photo booth so that you can get your wedding photographs in high quality! You will not even have to deal with manual focusing as it uses autofocus to take clear, non-blurry pictures. You can get A DSLR Photo booth from us at Nashville Photobooth. 

360 Photo booth

This type of photo booth is also very known for event and wedding photography. This usually takes pictures in video mode and captures the moment from all the angles in 120 frames so there is no chance that this photo booth will miss your perfect angle. Not only this but it will help cover the entire event even from the top so you can have high-angle views to see all your guests who are attending your wedding. Nashville Photobooth also deals in 360 Photo booths. 

Mirror Me Photo Booth

When it comes to getting photographed while getting ready, almost everyone likes it! One way to get such photographs is through the Mirror Me photobooth which can easily be made by placing a large fancy mirror at the venue. One huge benefit that this photo booth offers is that you will not need any professional photographer to come and take pictures as through the Mirror Me photo booth, the guests will have full control of pictures themselves and they will be able to take as many retakes as they please. Isn’t it a sweet and amazing way to make the guests at your wedding happy?

Slow Motion Video Photo Booth

Thanks to Instagram, everyone has become a fan of slow-motion videos! Due to this, it has become a trend to have slow-motion video photo booths at your wedding. This will allow the guests to make special videos of your wedding in slow-motion mode, isn’t it a great source of entertainment and a perfect way to get your guests engaged at the event?

So these are some of the types of photo booth rentals in Nashville that you shall have on your wedding day. If you’d like to get any of the photo booths or want to know more about the photo booth rental mentioned above, we have it available at the Nashville photo booth, all you have to do is contact us at 615-258-5525! For more information, please visit our website. 


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